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Copy members- It’s the time to comeback! 18.09

Hello dear members and friends, Long time since… With parts of you I didn’t spoke long time. Summer is end and soon we will start the last quarter of the year. We are working hard, and we learned a lot during the last year. We don’t have any doubts that […]

New! Signals results table! 2018.08

Hello dear members and friends, We added a “signals table” to our website at 2 places (both are showing the same): First place is under “Signals chart” page (under our members area)>>> And the second place is under “Our signals” page (page is open to all public, you can always […]

Copy accounts update 18.08.28

Hello dear members and friends, As it seems, September month will be the Euro month. Monthly candle is very strong reversal sign. 1.2000 Areas at the Eur/ Usd pair will be at our radar. FYI: when the euro is dynamic, all the market is running. Two things regarding next month […]

Activity updates- And summer false

Hello members and friends, As we know last days of the August month are the most non supporting trading due the low liquidity. Because this reason, and also beacuse our poor performance at the copy accounts, will be better to hold this week and not to trade. We need do […]

2k18 Realty- It will pass 18.08

Hello dear members and friends, We are sure you asked yourself “why at this year everything is going hard with the trading?” We will try to answer on this question with one chart only, that will show to you how much the trading range are getting smaller and smaller at […]

Charting Patterns- The most value one’s 07.2018

Hello members and friends, At the next photos (4) you can see the most value pattern  for our trading method (and the most reliable ones for our opinion). Please- learn their effect and memorized by heart. We will discuss in that subject at our next online room meeting. All the […]

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